RPCA: Rich Page, Consulting & Associates


Enphase Energy, Inc.

"Rich started with poor internal documentation of the Enphase u-Inverter product. He back-annotated most of the data and validated the data with Enphase engineering in simulation and measurement until we had a good working model. Rich then procured tester space and started to develop the test program from the back-annotated documentation and specifications. Within fairly short order we had fairly accurate measured data for the evaluation samples. Rich found problems with some of the interfaces and helped improve the specifications for the present and for the next generation products for Enphase. Rich's long standing product development and test experience and expertise are invaluable for any development and product company."

- Stefan Wurster, Director of Engineering, Enphase Energy, Inc. -

Graphin Co., Ltd.

"Rich is a visionary in the computer field and he has led his company to develop very advanced digital and analog mixed silicon chips. He has good sense of the critical balance between taking risks and being careful. He communicates well and has a way of reducing complex situations to simple ones. I had a pleasure to work with him."

- Mr. Tomoaki KUROSAWA, President & CEO of Graphin Co., Ltd. Tokyo Japan -

YAMAMOTO & Associates

"Rich demonstrated his versatile technical and management skill when he worked at Sierra Research & Technology, and NextSierra. He collaborated with his colleagues well to solve technical problems. While I worked with his company when he was a president at NextSierra, I could see his potential for positions requiring external interactions with customers as he was patient and was able to elaborate on complex subjects."

- Yasushi YAMAMOTO, Ph.D. Principal of Yasushi YAMAMOTO & Associates -

TDK Semiconductor Corp.

"TDK Semiconductor acquired Sierra Research and Technology in 2001, As CEO, Rich was well respected by his team, and had built a competitive business. After completeing the sale, Rich was brought in periodically to assist in the transition and work with customers. He always was helpful and provided great input."

- Gerald Fitch, Chief Financial Officer, TDK Semiconductor Corp. -

Sony Computer Entertainment

"I recommend Mr. Rich Page as a consultant. Rich has worked for technology long time with many tractable records of needs analysis, technical evaluation, project management and administration. He is sensitive for the demand and the environment of customer. Rich will provide the excellent consulting service."

- Shinichi OKAMOTO, Former SVP/CTO of Sony Computer Entertainment, President of Blue Shift Technology -

NeXT, Inc.

"Rich recruited a team of top-notch engineering talent and created a terrific team environment. I am very grateful to him."

- Adam Levinthal, Manager of Graphics Hardware, NeXT, Inc. -

Ferneborg & Associates

"Rich is one of the most effective General/Engineering managers in the high tech arena. He is results oriented. He excels at recruiting, leading and motivating highly technical professionals. Rich adds value to any organization he is connected with"

- John Ferneborg, Managing Partner, Ferneborg & Associates -


"Rich is a superstar. His work at Apple enabled the Lisa and Macintosh to see the light of day. He is one of the best and brightest in the industry."

- Randy Wigginton, Member technical staff, Apple -


"I used the Big Mac prototype since it was faster and more reliable than the Macintosh II prototypes available. It was never produced, and designer Rich Page left Apple to work at NeXT shortly after his design "lost" to the slotted Mac II. I still have the Big Mac I used at Apple."

- David Ramsey, Programmer MacPaint 2, Apple Computer Inc. -